Care and wear

In short, No(N)s shoe care

No(N)s are made from leather with either a smooth and shiny or a dull and slightly rougher surface.

In the photos, the waxed suede shoes are 1. new, 2. 72 days purposely worn daily and comprehensively (including in rain and mud) and not cared for before and after treatment, and 3. a month later immediately after another care.

NB! The shoes have not been stored and cared for as well as they could be, but rather an attempt has been made to handle them as carelessly as possible to “see what happens” and if and how they will hold up.

Smooth shiny leather

Such No(N)s are to be treated as “normal” leather footwear – dirt should be wiped off with moist rag and shoes treated according to personal taste with leathercare products meant for natural smooth leather. We advise to use leather- and nature-friendly products that contain oils and/or wax. Waterproofing products or sprays can be used to aid with water-repellence.

Dull leather with coarser surface

This is what our waxed suede looks like. Shoes made of waxed suede look their best fresh out of the box. To maintain the initial smooth look longer we advise to use some light water-repellent spray before heavy wear. It helps to keep away both moisture and dirt.

Over time, the original wax layer gradually disappears and the surface of the skin becomes hairier, starting to attract more dust and dirt. Using suitable care products, such leather can be successfully cleaned and cared for and will continue to look nice (albeit a little different) in the future.

Care products can make the skin somewhat darker, but deepen the tone, so this should not be considered a direct fault, but rather a feature. Our experiments with foam cleaning and subsequent waxing have yielded good results, which is why we dare to recommend the regular use of a wax-containing care product.

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