The technical side of No(N)s.

How No(N)S are made. Chapter 3. Leather

In the beginning there was leather

As you know, we currently make all No(N)s from natural leather. And with leather pinsole. And mostly with leather lining.

We carefully select suitable skins. We want this leather to be beautiful, high-quality, uniform and durable. Currently, our main selection includes skins from domestic producers as well as, for example, Dimar and Palomares.

Dimar has been producing leather in Italy for over forty years and is well known both locally and internationally for its quality and consistency.

And Palomares is one of the best leather producers in Spain.

Domestic hides come to us both from Narva and Jõgeva. In addition, we are looking for individual, more special leathers for small batches or individual orders, both from us and from German, Italian and Spanish leather producers.

At the moment, we mainly use chrome tanned leathers, but we plan to experiment a little more with vegetable tanned leathers (which are somewhat more difficult to find and which are a little fussier both in terms of production and use).

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